EduSurferz, established in 2011, is a Sweden-based foreign education consultant company. We have offices in Sweden, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. We are one stop solution for all your international study needs.

Dalarna University

At Dalarna University, we work together with outside gatherings and society from numerous points of view. Our point is to give you – our understudies – the way to have any kind of effect on the planet.

Association and Management Dalarna University is an administration financed organization of advanced education that works as indicated by Sweden’s Higher Education Act and Higher Education Ordinance. The University Governing Board is set up to guarantee the University is run as per these.

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Kristianstad University

Kristianstad University (HKR) is a small but at the same time large university in southern Sweden. The university is gathered in one campus situated just 10 minutes from the town centre of Kristianstad.

Kristianstad University was founded in 1977, but we can trace our roots back to 1835 and the start of the teacher’s training. We are proud of our 14,000 students and the diversity they represent. Our keywords are openness, curiosity and respect.

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University West in Trollhättan is a modern university which offers education collaborating with work-life in an attractive and modern study environment. We focus on the student and learning.
Work integrated learning as perspective and method permeates the work at the university and is also our profile.

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Halmstad University

At its beginning in the fall of 1963, on the historic and picturesque hill Sveta Gora (Holy Mount) in Veleko Tarnovo, the first university outside the Bulgarian capital with the brothers Cyril and Methodius was founded. Within the educational and cultural heritage of the Tarnovo Literary School of the famed 14th century, the University evolves. It maintains its status as a research institution of sciences and the arts, as well as as a prominent academic and science center. It was originally founded by the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party and the Council of Ministers as Brothers Cyril and Methodius Higher Educational Institute on 27 September 1962. On 15 September 1963 it opened its doors and was created on 4 August 1964 under the Presidium of the National Assembly. Four academic classes are taken in the first 340 –Bulgarian, Russian, History, and Fine Arts. The initial year of VTU has been conducted by a team of 25 professors and interns, 10-15 full-time professors, and professors at universities in Sofia and institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

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LINNAEUS University

Linnaeus University is a modern, international university named after Carl Linnaeus – a world-renowned Swedish scientist who was born in the Småland region where the university is located.

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Ever since the inception in 1977 we have aimed for excellence. Every decision, every achievement has emerged from a focus on creating excellent and well known educations and research specializations that make a difference to reality.
We are a modern and welcoming university, with first-class education and internationally competitive research, a place where we strive for the greatest accomplishments.

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Blekinge Institute of Technology

One of the top ranked universities of the Sweden

BlaKinge UNI of Technology Karlskrona & Karlshamn Founded: 1989 Students: 5400 Faculty: The Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, is categorized by close collaboration with commerce, industry and society,
Our focus on social digitalization and development for sustainable growth is strong on the global level of education and science. Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH is characterized by close cooperation, both at national, regional and international level, with the trade, industry and society.

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