Blekinge Institute of Technology

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Blekinge Institute of Technology

One of the top ranked universities of the Sweden WE conduct PLAN YOUR UNIVERSITIES PROGRAMMES IN SWEDEN BlaKinge UNI of Technology Karlskrona & Karlshamn Founded: 1989 Students: 5400 Faculty: The Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, is categorized by close collaboration with commerce, industry and society, Our focus on social digitalization and development for sustainable growth is strong on the global level of education and science. Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH is characterized by close cooperation, both at national, regional and international level, with the trade, industry and society.

Blekinge Institute of Technology

For what is best known the Blekinge Technology Institute (BTH)? Our particular emphasis on society digitalization and sustainability sharpens our education and creates cutting-edge research. The university is one of the leading universities in software engineering and sustainable development in the world.
We offer courses and programs that help our students develop helpful skills in order to face the social challenges of tomorrow. The content of all our programs is influenced by our focus on innovation, sustainable development and business development.

The researchers offer approaches to both short and long-term social challenges and participate actively in the undergraduate education, allowing students to access state-of – the-art studies.BTH is a small university. Most importantly. We can quickly adapt to society’s needs and are relevant in today and in the future. Also to be small means to be near, our students get to know each other quickly and learning clusters remain limited.

Campus life is diverse, drawing students and employees from all over the world. We also partner with universities in Europe and around the world in exchange programs and networks.Our two campuses are situated in south-eastern Sweden by the Baltic, close to nature, culture and entertainment, and offering fantastic environments.

Which programs offer by of BTH? There are two types of programs …..

Two year programs.
We deliver these Master’s program, teaches in English.

  • Master’s program in computer science: 120 credits
  • Master’s program in science in electric engineering, With a focus on telecommunications systems: 120 credits
  • Master’s program in mechanical engineering; 120 credits
  • Master’s program in scientific and information engineering-120 credits

One-year Master’s program

  • Master’s program for Sustainability Policy Management 60
  • Master’s Program for Space Planning MBA 60 ECTS Part time

How are local industry connections?

BTH cooperates strategically with leading companies such as Ericsson, Volvo, Telenor, NkT, Alfa Laval, Dynapac and SAAB Kockums, which are globally involved.

Specific entry criteria; The applicant must also confirm that the specific entry requirements are available for the course or program he wishes to apply for once he has fulfilled the general entry requirement for all bachelor and master’s courses. Of example, courses in engineering that require a high degree in mathematics for a student.
On the website of the university you find the specific entry requirements. To see the course / program and More information’ where the course appears in the list of search results

In Swedish universities have 39 universities and colleges that offer English-language courses and programs. There are special features, availability of subjects and atmosphere at each university. If you have not already started searching the right course of study for you, you might want to visit Study Sweden, an international student site, or the individual university websites in Sweden.

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